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Last month I visited Brighton for the weekend with some close friends who nearly all were vegan 🙂 We all thoroughly enjoyed our visit!

Friends in Birghton

We found some pretty delicious places to eat which I thought might appeal, so here they are!


This place was the highlight of our trip, 10/10 :D. The restaurant was predominantly vegan pizzas but also offer raw bowls (perfect if you are a raw vegan)! As well as vegan desserts, starters, sides and vegan certified alcoholic beverages. Not only are their pizza’s vegan but also very creative and unusual.

Between us we had (left to right)

Nacho pizza (guacamole base), Pepperoni pizza (using seitan), Hawaiana and Fumosa.

Purezza Nachos pizzaPurezza pizzaPurezza Hawaiian pizzaPurezza bbq pizza

We also had the garlic bread which was incredible! Purezza garlic breadRootcandi

This is another brilliant 100% vegan restaurant, if you are looking for a more elegant and healthy vegan meal this place is ideal. Although much more expensive than anywhere else we ate, it was so worth it. The food is presented creatively and the unusual and exciting flavours make the entire meal very enjoyable. We ordered their sets which are displayed almost like an afternoon tea.

The Loving Hut

When we eventually found it, the cafe was a very small building on the edge of a park. Their menu offered a wide range of vegan options from’ fish’ to ‘pork’ to ‘vegan lasagna’.

I had their fish and chips which I was overwhelmed by how realistic their fish was since it even mimicked fish skin. I really enjoyed the meal apart from finding it a bit too greasy. Loving hut fish and chips

The others had ‘chicken burgers’ which didn’t go down so well, the taste was not very realistic and was again too greasy.






Boho gelato,

This was not 100% vegan but did offer some vegan options which were clearly labelled.   The parlour was very popular and we had to queue out the door to get one, we found the gelato very sweet but delicious, would definitely recommend it! We ate it in the park before we caught the train home… 🙁

vegan ice cream

I would really recommend visiting Brighton if you are vegan as it offers an abundance of choice for you and is such a vibrant city to visit. Wish I could visit their more often, I hope you found this post useful!

Here’s to a better future, until next time, Charlotte xxxx


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