Courgette and Pea Risotto

Dear Readers, This courgette and pea risotto is ridiculously easy to make and full of nutrients to get you through your day! I made it from leftovers in my cupboard, its cheap and tasty what more could you possibly want out of a meal...? So here's what you'll be needing to make this Risotto; Serves 2 2tsp Coconut oil 1 Courgette 1 Onion 1 Cup Risotto Rice (Arborio) 1 Vegetable stock cube 200g Frozen peas 1/2 Lemon  (squeezed) Thyme (add to taste) 2/3tbsp Nutritional yeast (optional) To make Boil 500ml of water and mix with the vegetable stock cube. Then [...]

Quorn pieces with a spinach salad

Dear Readers, Here is a super simple way to make your Quorn vegan pieces super flavoursome!   Ingredients for my Quorn pieces and spinach salad; 1 handful Spinach 5 Cherry Tomatoes 3tbs Sweetcorn 1/2 vegetable stock cube 150ml boiling water 2tsp thyme 2 cloves garlic 1/2 Lemon 3tbs Black olives (Serves one)   Method: First dissolve your stock cube in the boiling water and then add to a frying pan, along with the diced garlic cloves. Once the stock is simmering in the pan add the quorn pieces and thyme seasoning, cook until the stock has been absorbed. Meanwhile prepare [...]

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Vegan Student, Cheap Eats

Dear Readers, I've survived freshers week and its now been over a month since I moved in to university! Everything has been quite crazy. I've been busy adjusting to my new surroundings and at the same time attempting to learn something... but rest assured my blog has not been forgotten! I thought i'd give you an insight into some of the cheap student meals I've been cooking since I arrived. Because contrary to the popular belief that veganism is too expensive for the average student it turns out its actually quite easily :) I apologise in advance for the pink [...]

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10 Quick Facts about Veganism

1- The term vegan was coined in 1944 by Donald Watson  2- There is an estimated figure of  16million vegetarians of which around 7.5million are vegans in the US alone! 3-80% of antibiotics sold in the US are for livestock. 4- One vegan saves 1.3 million gallons of water every year 5-Humans are biologically herbivores, we were not designed to eat meat. 6- A study done by Nobel Prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn found that a vegan diet caused more than 500 genes to change in three months, turning on genes that prevent disease and turning off genes that cause cancer, heart disease, and [...]

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Vegan Substitutes- Yes Or No?

Dear Readers, Often people vegan or not are unaware of the huge amount of food we vegans are actually able to eat. This is often because people get so caught up on looking for the food in supermarket labelled vegan, but actually these foods are often what give our vegan diet a bad name. This is because these commercially produced substitute foods sold in supermarkets are 1.Full of chemicals 2.Overpriced (as we are a niche market which companies are able to take advantage of due to lack of competitors) 3. Can be far more unhealthy for you than eating the real thing [...]

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