Eating vegan in Ubud, Bali

Dear readers, My time in Bali was predominantly spent in Ubud, where my volunteer accommodation was located. I did travel at the weekends but the restaurants I'm going to mention are all in Ubud, Bali. My accommodation was located on the outskirts in a small area called Penestanan Kaja, which had few tourists aside from us volunteers. I feel it was able to give me a true sense of what Bali life is really like for the Balinese people! Vespa- Ubud, Bali  Admittedly I ate a LOT of my meals here considering it was just a few steps from [...]

Southeast Asia Vegan style

Dear Readers, I am officially back from my travels and am ready to share with you the vast range of vegan restaurants south east asia offers! I have discovered whilst in Southeast Asia. Admittedly I had around a week in each country so missed out on visiting many of the restaurants but here is a brief overview of the ones I did visit! Unfortunately we struggled to find any vegan places in Laos and so although we visited it, it is not included in the list below. THAILAND I only spent a total of 5 days in Thailand which for [...]


Dear Readers, Last month I visited Brighton for the weekend with some close friends who nearly all were vegan :) We all thoroughly enjoyed our visit! We found some pretty delicious places to eat which I thought might appeal, so here they are! Purezza,  This place was the highlight of our trip, 10/10 :D. The restaurant was predominantly vegan pizzas but also offer raw bowls (perfect if you are a raw vegan)! As well as vegan desserts, starters, sides and vegan certified alcoholic beverages. Not only are their pizza's vegan but also very creative and unusual. Between us we had [...]

A good place for brunch

Dear Readers, Recently I visited the Boston Tea Party in Cheltenham, if you haven't heard of this place it a  serves breakfast all day long! I was pleasantly surprised at the range of vegan dishes on their menu which most I have yet to see be offered in other restaurants or cafes. Their food is delicious and they have a unique, cosy atmosphere making it the perfect place for a spot of sunday brunch.... :) Here's a look at their current menu They offer a vegan cooked breakfast (which I chose, see below) that consists of Grilled mushrooms, baked beans, roasted potatoes, grilled [...]

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Dear Readers, Over the New Year I travelled to Dubai to stay with my vegan boyfriend, who currently lives out there. He had complained bitterly about 'how hard it is to be vegan over there' (which I was convinced was not true) so, of course, whilst I was out there we endeavoured to find places to eat out that offered vegan options. We ended up discovering some delicious places which I had to share with you all!     Freedom Pizza This is a Pizza restaurant based in the Dubai Marina which at the small expense of 10AED extra they offer vegan [...]