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Over the New Year I travelled to Dubai to stay with my vegan boyfriend, who currently lives out there. He had complained bitterly about ‘how hard it is to be vegan over there’ (which I was convinced was not true) so, of course, whilst I was out there we endeavoured to find places to eat out that offered vegan options. We ended up discovering some delicious places which I had to share with you all!Version 2



Freedom Pizza

This is a Pizza restaurant based in the Dubai Marina which at the small expense of 10AED extra they offer vegan cheese for your pizza.thumb_12498540_10201303272301576_74046133_n_1024

We ordered 2 takeaway pizzas; one topped with spinach and the other black olives. Our verdict: The best vegan pizza we’d ever had! The cheese tasted very similar to real cheese and the dough base was soft and perfect thickness which combined with our toppings was a truly delicious pizza!!


For our New Years Eve meal we visited a 100% vegan restaurant, this was a lovely restaurant located near the Jumeriah Beach Residence! It was such a treat to be able to visit a restaurant which was fully vegan as this meant for once we actually had a huge variety of dishes to choose from. The staff were very friendly and the food again was brilliant! With a wide range of dishes from vegan burgers to soups (just look at their menu below!)thumb_12483356_10201303272661585_1573310792_n_1024

They had a huge range of delicious drinks including all sorts of vegan milkshakes, such as their salted caramel milkshake, as well as smoothies (my boyfriend had their blueberry smoothie) and other fruity and hot drinks. I had their mint cooler….
For our meal we shared to start, breadsticks (a kind thumb_12464023_10201303272701586_394933287_n_1024of homemade bread which were warm) with a tofu dip (tasted like cream cheese). Followed by our mains; I chose Pea soup garnished with leeks (which was thick and flavoursome) and he chose Spaghetti Bolognese (made with soy meat). For desert, my boyfriend had Tofu cheesecake and I had their Brownie with caramel and strawberry drizzle.


And an extra bonus…. they offer a loyalty card which if you are vegan gives you 15% off!!! Overall we loved the restaurant, it was so good we went back 2 days later….!

Before my arrival, my boyfriend had not tried/visited any of these places! No wonder he was struggling! He has assured me now he will be visiting these places frequently and has accepted that Dubai is actually not such a bad place to be a vegan after all…..

I had a wonderful time in Dubai over the New Year and discovered that with a little bit of research it’s easy to discover many vegan gems hidden within this grand, modern and lively city.

Heres to a better future, until next time, charlotte xxxx

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