Kale, Chickpea and Red pepper roast

Dear Readers,

Another favourite meal of mine is this combination of roasted veggies and chickpeas, if I’m looking for simple, nutritious and of course quick washing up since it only using one baking tray and thats all 🙂 IMG_4947

Here are the ingredients;

-1tbsp Coconut oil

-1/2 Red Pepper chopped

-Chickpeas 1/2 cup

-1 Leek sliced

-3 Handfuls of kale

-1 Avocado

-Lemon juice to squeeze on top


Melt the coconut oil in the tray add the chopped leeks and red pepper cook for around 10-15 mins, then add chickpeas and kale, cook for a further 5-10 mins depending on how crispy you want your kale to be. Then add the avocado and squeeze of lemon.

You can add or substitute most veggies depending on what you like or have at home,

Hope you enjoy!

Heres to a better future,until next time,Charlotte xxxx



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