Bali, Beautiful but damaged

Dear Readers, During my travels I spent 3 weeks volunteering in bali, a beautiful island in Indonesia. I had a wonderful time there exploring the natural beauty the island has to offer. As well as meeting another like-minded vegan girl who joined me in teaching Indonesian children about caring for the environment. The only 2 volunteers on the programme out of around 100 volunteers! Hidden waterfalls   Discovering secret waterfalls, watching monkey's in their natural habitat and climbing barefoot through a hidden canyon were just a few of my favourite moments. It's safe to say Bali [...]

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Southeast Asia Vegan style

Dear Readers, I am officially back from my travels and am ready to share with you the vast range of vegan restaurants south east asia offers! I have discovered whilst in Southeast Asia. Admittedly I had around a week in each country so missed out on visiting many of the restaurants but here is a brief overview of the ones I did visit! Unfortunately we struggled to find any vegan places in Laos and so although we visited it, it is not included in the list below. THAILAND I only spent a total of 5 days in Thailand which for [...]

Avocado Pasta and some exciting news!

Dear Readers, Yesterday I cooked up a delicious avocado pasta dish which was super easy to make and 100% plant-based of course! I have made it before but I tweaked the recipe this time and was pleasantly surprised with the results. Here is what you need... Serves 1-2 People 1 Avocado 1 Garlic clove 5 or 6 Basil Leaves (add to taste) 1 Tbsp Soya Yogurt 1/2 Lemon (juiced) Seasoning Organic wholegrain fusilli Method: Blend all the ingredients apart from the Pasta. Once the pasta is cooked, drain and stir in the avocado sauce to warm and then serve. As [...]

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Beauty products I use

Dear Readers, I thought I would give you a full tour of the natural & ethical beauty products I choose to use. All the products are suitable for vegans and I aim to put the least amount of chemicals on my skin as possible. Not all the products are from huge companies some such as the bath salts which are from very small independent stores in the UK making them are more ethical choice. The companies such as the bodyshop and Lush are also well known for their efforts to remain natural and cruelty free making them ethical choices to shop [...]

My new vegan Job!

Dear Readers, I have been meaning to update you all for a while on my latest vegan job! Since the beginning of this month I have started working as a business development and marketing intern for Miss Organics. Miss organics is a natural, organic, vegan skincare company who sell a range of facial and body oils as well as lip balms. The face and body oils combine a variation of plant based oils such as jojoba oil and rosehip oil into one product, rather than using just one oil. Meaning your skin receives benefits from a range of oils all [...]